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There are links to the websites and public groups of my friends and partners on this page

    The autonomous nonprofit organization "Equestrian club "Kentavr" (centaur) conducts classes in Paralympic sport and therapeutic riding. It helps people with disabilities to integrate themselves in society and live a full life. Thanks to 15 years of working with people with disabilities experience, the club has helped a large number of people to beleive in themselves and their abilities.
    The club activities are:
therapeutic riding;
paralympic equestrian;
horseback riding;
rent horses and photoshooting.

    Natalia Galasheva is a visagiste. She creates a variety of images for different cases:
wedding make-up and rehearsal;
wedding accompaniment;
photo- and videosession make-up;
Mass make-up in photo projects;
make-up for celebration;
face art;
Make-up for graduation;
correction and dyeing of eyebrows;
and etc.
    She also offeers In groups and individual visage training.

    "Winter Studi0" offers rent of dresses in Yaroslavl.
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